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  • Unidyne’s LEC solutions are on course to revolutionize the demand side usage of AIRCON due to reduction in installed refrigerative capacity by 30%, and reduced annualized operational costs by 50%.
  • This would halve the electricity bills for AIRCON in most facilities.
  • Simultaneous improvement in IAQ by 200% to 300%, thereby contributing to improved health standards in confined spaces.
  • Apart from new facilities, there would also be a thrust at retrofits to reduce power bills at existing installations.
  • Matter of time before Government takes note of overall reduction in specific power consumption due to Unidyne’s LEC solutions.
  • Eventually revision in norms by Bureau of Energy Efficiency resulting in possible incentives.
  • Unidyne’s LEC designs are more or less independent of the ambient due to focused recycling of energy of cooled environments.
  • The challenge would be as to how to fast forward the changeover from the present static demand side AIRCON regime to a new makeover energy efficient LEC regime.
  • The Indian marketplace could be trendsetter for a global movement in the near future.
  • Lesser fossil fuel burnt, lower emissions, reduced heat rejected to the environment and reduced refrigerant inventory.
  • Eventual endorsements by the Environmentalists, the Green Brigade and Climate Changers.
  • This is sustainable development in the right direction due to the simple reengineering of already known technological concepts.




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