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  • Unlike prime equipment like Boilers, Engine Generators, Compressors or pumps which perform duties by and large independent of the ambient, an Air Handing Unit has to deliver performance totally responsive to the ambient which varies with fluctuating status from morning to noon to evening to night, from season to season, throughout the year.
  • The air cooling load also therefore varies through all these periods (also thrown in is varying humidity) resulting in selection of installed capacity for maximum loads, with operating loads somewhere in between. Any savings in energy will also  therefore vary through the day, through the month, season and through the year.
  • We ate Unidyne have the expertise to determine the annualized varying cooling load pattern, and consequently determine the energy savings possible to arrive at realistic savings on an annualized basis. All savings claimed by us are therefore on a realistic annualized basis, depending on the number of hours of operation during the days. These annualized savings in actuality are around 50% on an average compared conventional AHUs.
  • We have the ambient data for all major cities in the country ,and have studied the evaluated the load pattern and savings for these cities. This enable us to select the right packages for the would be customer, so as to downsize the installed capacity of the prime cooling equipment which could be anywhere from 25% - 40% of conventional designs.
  • This results in saving of capital cost of the chiller package and distribution system with peripherals, as also savings due to downsizing of back up power installation. Both these savings in CAPEX contribute to offsetting the increased cost of the Energy saving Unidyne LEC products,  with any residual additional  CAPEX recoverable within a year.




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