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Unidyne is an Engineering company offering specialized services in Industrial process heating systems, Waste heat recovery, Applications engineering and has recently added Low Energy Cooling Technology. The Core promotional team consists of specialist engineers with several decades of experience in the above fields.

Starting in the Eighties with the main focus on coil type fluid heaters, over 2000 units and systems have been supplied all over India, for Steam boilers, Thermal fluid heaters, Hot water generators and Waste Heat recovery systems.

We have standardized products and custom designed systems, tailored to meet the clients’ specific requirements, and executed on a turnkey basis, backed up with prompt and effective after sales service.

We have the capability to absorb new technologies with ease, due to the high degree of in-house technical skill. Members of our design team have had varied and intensive experience in the design and manufacture of fired and unfired heaters. This also relates to operating experience with respect to the said equipment. We are amongst a handful of companies whose equipment has crossed the 90% thermal efficiency barrier.

Our core competence lies in the marketing of Capital equipment and introducing products to industry. We have successfully and progressively added products that have found acceptance by the same CLIENT or CONSULTANT.

We had some time ago, in collaboration with IIT, Mumbai developed an innovative Waste heat recovery unit for the exhaust of Engine generators and Gas Turbines namely the Matrix Heat recovery Unit. This design scores over conventional designs in terms of compactness, safety and flexibility; it is protected by patent.

In order to expand into a larger market we decided in early 2006 to venture into Low Energy Cooling systems  (without or with less refrigeration) by the two stage IDEC technology pioneered almost a decade ago. This was initiated by us primarily to offer air density correction for cooling the inlet air of Engine generators and Gas Turbines.

The Climate Change Gurus, the thrust toward Green technology, and the gradual phasing out of CFCs has necessitated the need to look at alternative   techniques and technology to refrigerate cooling. One approach has been to examine existing techniques already known and used extensively. One of them is evaporative cooling, which has ideal application and usage in   tropical environments. The simple one stage evaporative cooling process is now adapted to cool without adding humidity by the Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) method through the development of the innovative plate type heat exchanger developed by us.

The simple and earlier two stage IDEC process developed had an efficiency of 60%, but nevertheless motivated several players to offer this development. We have now further improved this to a three-stage process with the first two stages now being used for cooling to even lower temperatures with an efficiency of 80% and even more. The new three stages Heat exchange process is State of the art and is   equal to the best in the world, and probably the best design available.

We are now in a position to offer an effective hybrid-cooling machine, which uses IDEC for maximum sensible cooling with also a refirigerative cooling stage for humidity control.

This business has tremendous potential since it is based on saving of electric power with a payback of less than 2 years. The products are based on green technology, are energy efficient and provide more fresh air, unlike conventional systems which use maximum recirculated air.To summarize, the technology involves an innovative method of precooling air with little energy, to reduce the overall cooling referigerative cooling loads.

Unidyne’s established expertise in introducing new products and applications engineering will facilitate the successful launch of the Low Energy Cooling Division’s products which will provide the vanguard for the Company’s future success and growth.





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