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Need for low cost cooling in Aircon

  • Air conditioning in the Commercial & Industry sector, constitutes a major consumer of Electric power. In sectors like the  IT Industry and  Malls, Any attempt towards lowering the power requirements of Aircon will therefore be  necessary and welcome, primarily on account of rising costs , and dwindling availability of power .
  • Most of the country barring islands like Mumbai cannot get the power it needs from the grid  Domestic users by and large have to reconcile to the outages (several hours a day). Industry perforce relies on back up power which would operate anywhere from 6 - 8 hours a day on a continuous basis.
  • This back up power also comes at high cost (exceeding Rs. 12/ kW) almost everywhere. This is further compounded by the unreliable availability of fuel (Diesel), and ever increasing costs of Petroleum fuels ; even if available, the Government had decided to hike the costs to the Commercial and Industrial sector.
  • The consequence is downsize or perish , or by prudent choice ,reduce consumption and conserve  to survive without sacrificing  output.
  • Industry has so far focused on technological improvements in the generation of cooling energy with some success, but has by & large ignored or by oversight,  paid precious little  attention to  the .user of the cooling energy in Aircon namely the  Air Handling Unit which converts the cooled and transported energy to comfort air cooling.
  • The current used conventional designs of Air Handling Units guzzle away this generated cooling energy just as they did when electric power was only Rs.2/ Kw and fuel oil (HSD) at  Rs.10/ Ltr.
  • Only in certain areas like treated Fresh Air units in a central plant have attempts been made to recover energy, but in a limited way whenever you have an energy conscious user or consultant.
  • India has by and large a tropical climate for most of the year (North India) and almost the entire year in Western and Peninsular Indian, baring a comfortable Dec / Jan / Feb. Air conditioning is a must for most Commercial and Industrial environments in current times (2008). We have therefore to mandatorily find ways and means to ensure availability of this requirement, but at affordable costs and insurance ( back up power).




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