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Matrix Heat Recovery Unit

  Special Features
  • Simple and Modular Design: 50 to 500 KW modules
  • Larger Heat Recovery Units with Multiple Modules: No upper limit
  • On Line Continous Cleaning
  • Low Fouling
  Compact Design:
  1/3 the size of conventional smoke tube designs.
Low Cost: 20 to 25% lower than that of conventional designs.
  Water Heating: up to 90° C (unpressurised) and up to 180 o C (pressurised)
Steam Generation: up to 20 bar.
Thermic Fluid Heating: up to 330° C.
Furnace Oil Heating: up to 130° C.
  Heat Sources
  Engine / Diesel Generator Exhaust: 300°C to 660°C
Boiler / Furnace / Oven Exhaust: 210°C to 660°C
Gas/Biogas Turbine Exhaust: 450°C to 630°C
  Economic Benefits:
  Payback periods: Usually in the range of 12 to 18 months.



Conventional Waste Heat Recovery System

  Complete Application Oriented Packages to recover Waste Heat from Exhaust Flue Gases of Gas Turbines DG Sets, Gas Engines and Furnaces.

Waste Heat can be utilised to produce steam, hot water or thermic fluid heating to supplement and / or offload primary utility heating equipment thereby saving fuel.

Various design configurations to synergise with process heat requirements of steam, hot water, thermal oil or air heating.




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