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Vision Statement:

To be recognized as a path breaker and continuous innovator in the generation, transport and use of Cooling Energy and marry technological and business objectives with our desire to envision and build a green world.

Vision Map

  • To develop Break-through Technologies in Energy Utilization and Conservation that would be State-of-the-art, globally recognizable as innovative, find markets in the developed world as well and internationally patentable to protect the technology.
  • To innovate path-breaking improvements in the generation, transport and use of Cooling Energy, resulting in significant savings of the non-renewable prime inputs of Electric power and fuels.
  • To develop the above technologies in a productive and lean manner without a resultant increase in capital expenditure for the user.
  • To reset the standards for Indoor Air Quality in AIRCON by increase in fresh air from 10% to 30%, thereby enhancing environmental health quality in confined spaces.
  • To interface with available and future global technological developments in heating and cooling for accelerated introduction and use in the Indian Market place.
  • It is our objective to conform to the vision prescribed in the “ Factor 10 Manifesto “ which calls for sustainable value creation through increase in resource productivity based on lean technology.




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