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Unidyne’s Low Energy Cooling Solutions

  • The time has come to conserve power by adopting suitable technology to reduce the consumptions of Electric power for Aircon –We at Unidyne are ready to provide the solution –  Lowering energy consumption for Aircon without sacrificing requirement / outputs –
  • The right solution at the right places  at the right time –  Making available to Industry the energy efficient products of the Low Energy Cooling (LEC) division -  MAC Hybrid Air Handling Units,   MAX Treated Fresh Air Units and MIC (IDEC)s
  • The Low energy cooling products of Unidyne are state of the art, globally qualify as top rung technology, environment-friendly, tropicalised  and  dovetailed  by design to snugly  fit into the conventional AHU footprint, built to  last , and will save you 30-50% of your current /proposed electric power bill.
  • Electric power and fuel costs in foreseeable times are only going upwards (notwithstanding a major technological breakthrough in energy availability) therefore energy efficient technology will pay for itself faster than planned.
  • The Unidyne LEC products portfolio therefore buys you real value not only in operating costs (recoverable before its next birthday), but also buys  a lifecycle benefit  compared to conventional comparatives. 
  • Efficient energy saving fans of world class standard, load responsive controls that ensure optimal power use of sub components, state of the art controls systems, and internals and body of stainless steel to ensure longevity , apart from the innovative heat exchange and recovery module  package that enables the energy efficiency.
  • The LEC products are designed for modularity to facilitate flexibility in manufacture and at the same time conceived and engineered for customization of Individual requirements. This enables us to respond with ease to small single unit requirements as well as to large central packages where the modular building block  concept eases the build up, without the constant fallback to the drawing board for detail.




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